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   "He looked at the sea and knew how far it was only now"

Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea 


Before I tell you who we are is our duty to explain where are.La activity began 27 years ago, in a place which in time came edificated by Greeks who arrived by sea. 

Just the sea is our reference point as it was for our ancestors who founded Locri, "city beautiful laws of Italy ordered, where for a copy of substances and the kindness of blood does not lie to no one after" as Plato described it and so we like to let you know, our Locri, because in our small town we have tried to make it a not less than none. The sea kissing Locri then, is our inspiration, which allows us to look to distant shores as only the sea allows us to do, in so doing, we aim in our work is solely intended to be as clear as the sea, and at the same time be able to satisfy your needs anywhere in the world you are. 

Our store, thanks to our experience in time and thanks to the direct contact that we have woven with the best manufacturers in the industry is able to find all the news on the market in order to be able to afford to equip to suit your needs, needs that are subjective as subjective is fishing. 

Our business, precisely because it is family run, will make you feel part of the family, for us the customer is not a "receipt", but that is our benchmark, our ultimate goal is "to bite someone," but make share our business with the customer in a synergy that points to a relationship of patronage, but not to a relationship of friendship for us the customer is first advised by a friend and help. 

To continue the quote from Hemingway, we will not leave you when you are never alone in front of the sea and your success is our success. Through this short presentation, we hope, on the one hand, they were able to synthesize the best of our passion for our business, a passion that is 27 years old and handed down over time and consists of uninterazione with you that you are customers our friends, from other side, we hope to have been able to draw your attention, so that you can have as guests in our store, if only for a visit of curiosity. 

Be assured that we are willing to answer all your questions or doubts, as we will be grateful to all those who will advance proposals and constructive comments from a perspective of dialogue between true friends.



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