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OSP Rudra 130-SP

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    OSP Rudra 130-SP

    OSP Rudra 130-SP

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The O.S.P. Rudra Jerkbait is able to produce intense flashing effects thanks to its flat sides and erratic action. Two stationary weights affixed inside the belly of the bait improve balance, especially on the pause, and three smaller ball bearings generate additional inertia, helping to impart the Rudra's big rolling movement. The lip is also precision-engineered with the proper material and shape to create a strong darting action, as well as, a tight wobble even at a normal retrieve. Extremely durable thanks to a unique internal, honey-combed body construction, the O.S.P Rudra Jerkbait has the fish-like actions and realistic detailing to get those big, less active bass to strike.

Peso 20g
Lunghezza 130mm

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OSP Rudra 130-SP

OSP Rudra 130-SP

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